3rd Party Logistics

A 3PL service provider with years of experience in Logistics, Shipping, Warehousing, and Global Logistics. We also bring in the latest in technology to help with your logistics and fulfillment needs.

Air Services- 3PL partner BurtonLS

Freight Brokerage

We provide domestic and international Freight Brokerage through our large network of brokers. We provide brokerage for over-the-road freight, ocean freight, air freight, rail freight, and intermodal freight.

On demand warehousing storage- BurtonLS


With our state of the art warehouses running out of multiple locations, we can meet your 3PL needs to scale. All our warehouses are connected through technology giving you a clear and on the go visibility to your fulfillment processes.

BurtonLS- Transportation partner in USA

Dedicated Logistics Services

Burton Logistics can fulfill your logistics needs whether you need us to completely take over logistics management, supply trucks and semi-trailers, and drivers or yard management, we can help you complete the supply chain. Trust an experienced company with a stellar reputation in the industry.

Dedicated Fleet Solutions- 3PL, Burton LS NC

Dedicated Fleet Solutions

Burton Logistics can provide dedicated fleet management services. Our years of experience in fleet management and integration with technology can help deliver the desired ROI.

Keeping your business up to speed


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